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Artistic Inspiration (for the artist in all of us)

Artists of Interest and Inspiration

I have been inspired by many artists over my life, many of whom have shaped my technique and the way that I see. I will list a few of them here as well as links to their websites, podcasts or videos. 

There are many other artists that deeply move me in regard to the art that they produce and I will gather a few of those as well and add them to another list, but I wanted to especially call out these artists that have spent the time to share their artistic technique and philosophy with other artists desiring to learn - great inspiration. 

Teaching and mentoring are a way to give back to the artistic community of the centuries past and present. My hat is off to all teachers who help us learn the secrets behind the curtain.


Cesar Santos

Cesar Santos is a master painter of realism with a great set of educational videos and vlogs. His instructional DVD's are worth the expense - I highly recommend them. His website can be found here. Be sure to check out the videos.

Anthony (Tony) Ryder

Tony Ryder (from his website: Draftsman, Painter, Author and Teacher) is a consummate teacher and realist artist living in Santa Fe, NM. Tony initiated me into the painting technique that is the basis of how I paint even today and has brought inspiration to many a student and appreciator of his art. I am constantly learning, but the solid foundation that Tony provided is still with me. I highly recommend his books, workshops, and classes. His website can be found here. Be sure to check out his how-to-draw the portrait video.

Andrew Tischler

Andrew is a dedicated and enthusiastic artist  living in New Zealand. I have been enjoying his tutorials, educational DVDs, emails and his newly created podcast "The Creative Endeavour" in which his initial podcast interviewed CESAR SANTOS.  I enjoy his website and especially his videos, finding them very inspirational. His website can be found here. Be sure to check out his tutorials.

David Gray

David is an artist/teacher with highly acclaimed workshops and popular blog with great tutorials. He is a joy to watch and learn from. I certainly recommend his website and his blog as well. His website can be found here. Be sure to check out his blog website and keep an eye out for his workshops (it is on my list of things to do).