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Figurative Realism Artist Jim Richards

Welcome to my website. Enjoy your visit.

About Me

My Background

I was a late bloomer with regards to art. I did not know that I would be consumed by the love of art until I was in my thirties. Creating art is now an obsession.

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My Materials

I am an artist who works primarily in oil for my paintings, but also use graphite on paper to work out compositions for my artwork. I use my own photos as source material and photoshop as a tool to compose digitally for some of my paintings.

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My Inspiration

Inspiration comes from many sources. First and foremost is the human face and form. Additionally, a great deal of inspiration comes from fellow artists and their art and education in the form of tutorials, blogs, vlogs, and podcasts. 

I do enjoy going to gatherings (especially Pow Wows) and taking photographs of nature and every day life. Much of my artwork is directly influenced by these gatherings, forays in nature and especially the people I encounter along the way. 

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