Mentorship Program

I've started a mentorship program in Salem, Oregon, with a promising young man in high school here. It is nice to be back in a teaching mode. It is rewarding to see students progressing in their art. More news on his progress and the months goes by.

Check out my newest art work in the Featured web page or go to The Gallery at Ten Oaks website or facebook page.  

One of my newest pieces will be in Independence, Oregon, at the River Gallery. The Annual  Wild Woman Show is entitled Goddesses, Divas, and Crones and will run from January 17th until February 24th, 2017. The Opening Party will be on January 28th from 6 to 9 p.m. I plan on attending the opening, so drop by and say hi if you get a chance. Check out River Gallery on their website.


Art has been my passion for over 30 years and sharing passion through my art is my joy. I am inspired by the simple beauty seen in life – ranging from simple movement and line, to physical embodiment, as well as the inner beauty that all people and objects possess if seen in the proper light and perspective - metaphorically and literally speaking.  Recognizing and recording the representation of that natural beauty is my desire and challenge - not necessarily idealization.  I typically focus on a single subject and paint in a realistic style with minimal or no background. My focus on little details permeates my artwork, regardless of the media – photography, pencil or oil.Much of artwork presented in the example artworks on this website focuses on dance, ballet in particular, reflecting warm-up and preparation as opposed to an actual performance. This is reflective of my process in creating the artwork as well. Most of my enjoyment and personal commitment is in the planning and development of the artwork prior to the actual presentation. The preparation of the artwork itself is fraught with personal moments of introspection and research; the labor of love through practice, practice, practice; emphasis on editing and formulating composition; and finally dedication to producing the artwork itself. Each of these aspects has its own rewards and frustrations. Once the process of creation is complete the presentation of the art offers an entirely different experience. The artwork has a life of its own through sharing the art with others. That is where you come in… Welcome!

I am fascinated by details – but not obsessed by them. The selection and reduction of the details surrounding the subject is important to me. The details help to emphasize elegance both from a conceptual perspective and in conveying simplicity and beauty. I generally simplify or eliminate the background in order to focus on a particular subject. Some of the subject material may look rather involved, but the focus is still on the subject through the details and composition.

I love people’s faces and find that portraying them through portraiture and figurative work is a very gratifying way to capture the moment and convey my vision of the personification of beauty to others.