Pencil Drawings

Most of my drawings are preliminary to my paintings. Some are rough sketches and others are more finely drawn depending on my desire to explore the values. Some drawings are the final artwork, not intending to support a painting. Black and White drawings have a emotive quality all of their own, with more subtlety or starkness when desired.

Ridding Tall Ridding Tall
Pencil Drawing - 7x5
Russ after Michael Parkes Russ after Michael Parkes Stephanie's Back Stephanie's Back
Pencil Drawing 16x20
Bev Bev
Pencil drawing 8x10 inches
Chicken Sketches 1 Chicken Sketches 1
Graphite - 5x7
Young Warrior Young Warrior
Pencil Drawing 12x16 inches
Eagle Buffalo Headress Eagle Buffalo Headress
Graphite Schetch for oil painting
Little Powwow Girl Little Powwow Girl
9 x 12" Graphite Drawing
Chicken Sketches 2 Chicken Sketches 2
Graphite - 5x7
Still Life with Threshold Still Life with Threshold
Pencil Drawing - 18x14
Young Warrior Dancer Young Warrior Dancer
9 x 12" Graphite Drawing
Bev after Gorman Bev after Gorman Esode Esode
Pencil Drawing 18x24 inches
Come-on, Lets-Dance Come-on, Lets-Dance
Pencil Drawing - 7x5
Chicken Sketches 3 Chicken Sketches 3
Graphite - 5x7
Stephanie Stephanie
Pencil Drawing 11x14 inches
Pond Dance - Study Pond Dance - Study
Pond Dance - Study - Graphite Drawing on paper 11”x 8½”