Featured/Recent Work

Work in progress for Minature Show in September

There will be a miniature show at the Salem, Oregon Elsinore Frame and Gallery in September. I plan on working on a few pieces for the show. One is based upon the partially completed pencil sketch to the left. I'll continue to work on the remaining part of the drawing next time I'm on a business trip (where I get most of my serious drawing done). 

In the meantime, I've started on the painting. I'll take a photo of it and show it next weekend if I get time.

I'm enjoying this painting so far. There are many interesting little details.

I think I may group it with the Little PeeWee paintings. I'll see how they look together when completed. He may be a bit intimidating.

Eagle Headdress I'm working on the oil painting now. In fact I spent some time working on this during a Meet the Artist event held in McMinnville at the Ten Oaks Gallery on July 15th 2017 as part of some demonstrations on glazing techniques. This is a fun painting to work on. There is so many little details with different textures. It is a nice challenge. This painting is destined for the Miniature show at Elsinore Gallery in September. I had better get moving finishing the painting! The feathers need some work. I only have the ghosted underpainting done so far.
Eagle Headdress Worked a little more on the feathers and the headdress on Friday. More yet to go to deepen the feathers and put more texture into them. I still heave the horse hair to go as well.
The three paintings on the left are a start on the Iris paintings that I am working up for a show in September. I am not quite finished with these and have a couple more to go. These are 6x6x1/8th inch panels mounted on 8x8" cradle boards.

PeeWee Paintings

Here are the two little PeeWee paintings - one by herself and one with a friend. I have a third one started as well. More of an update on that one after the September show.

This little girl was so cute and confident - she reminded my of my wife as a little girl.