Portrait Commisions

Cliff and PeteyCliff and Petey
9x12 Oil Painting - Dear friend Cliff and Petey - Lynn and Cliff 's pet dog - lively member of the family taken in as a rescue. He has no paws and only one eye, but full of energy and live!


Commissions are gladly accepted - please contact me for information and scheduling. Paintings typically involve at least two sittings: one for concept/composition and others for the actual painting. Photographs may be taken as an aid in composition and to reduce the amount for time required from the sitter.

Rates vary depending on the size of the painting, the media chosen, the amount of detail and the type of portrait (bust, full figure, # figures, etc.).

I completed the painting to the left in August of 2014. It is of our friend Cliff and his (and his wife Lynn's) pet dog Petey (Petty). Their pet is a rescue from the pound and was born with no paws and only one eye. Lynn and Cliff have taught it to walk on his hind legs - and hop around very well. He is so lively - full of vim and vinegar. The painting was a gift from Cliff to Lynn on her birthday. Happy Birthday Lynn!

Betty's Trio of Beavers A dear friend asked me to paint a trio of beavers that are shared amongst some of her friends. The beavers were together for a little winter celebration. It was a fun project resulting in the small painting to the left.

This painting was done from an old wedding photograph of my wife's parents. Beverly is such a blend of her parents (especially the intelligence, good nature and good looks - but I'm rather partial to her).